Sensing it’s time to change things up? Been there, too.

In November 2009 life was at a crossroads when I stumbled upon the concept of 101 New Experiences in 1001 Days.

Have you ever resonated with an idea so completely that you just knew it was your “next step”? Not logically – more of a gut feeling? That was me.

So on January 1st, 2010, with no particular plan beyond starting, I set out to have 101 New Experiences in 1001 Days. At the time, I didn’t blog about it. Until I approached my deadline, it hadn’t occurred to me to let others know. I listed my experiences in a notebook (old school). I periodically forgot about my goal for months, then would have four new experiences in one weekend.

By the time I completed my 101st experience (Fall, 2012), I had become a public speaker, inspiring and entertaining groups on how this journey had opened up both my thinking and new opportunities, plus how it might do that for them.

As the practice is decidedly habit-forming, my new experiences continued beyond #101, resulting in founding an artistic soap company (New experience #120).

Now, what would YOU like to do?

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Lisa (aka: Shaman Lisa)

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